Italia- Tuscany- Lake Garda and Venice!

Hi everyone I am in Venice at the moment. (Italy) I am sorry that I didn’t post in Tuscany or in Lake Garda but there was no internet. In Tuscany we visited many little villages and stayed in one too. It was called Greve in the Chianti area. We saw parades and we also went on a trek up and down a mountain. At a village called San Giminginao we had award winning ice cream. The ice cream won the gelato world champions. In Lake Garda there was an ice cream parlour every 5 steps it was very cool. We sailed across the lake to the city called Garda and walked on the boardwalk to another little city then sailed back. We stayed in the nicest hotel mainly because of the staff who in there own minds were never doing enough. In Venice it is like no other city in the world it has no words to describe it. Here they have Mask shops everywhere they are very elegant. I have bought many small masks and one full face one which has a huge feather on the top of it. Photos to follow.
Love Flickxx

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