My favourite Songs

Hi everyone,

As you can probably tell from the title this post is going to bee about music. I love to sing, dance act and altogether perform. So I thought I would write a post about the songs I love. A lot of the songs a Love change very week or so. But I will tell you my favorites at the moment.

A. Broken Hearted

B. I wont give up

C. May it be

D. Skinny love

E. Little Things


So these are my favourite songs, (At the moment),

what are yours? Leave a comment because I would love to know. Also check out the links I have left for you, to listen to.

Thats all for now

Love Flick

International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Argg Meharties,

Grate to see all of yous, todays international talk like a pirate day. So get alongs and start talkin like a pirate with your meharties. In me class were all talkin like pirates. He He He, dont we all love it. WooHoo lets go find some treasure lads, This day is goin to be an awesome day so enjoy and start talkin like a pirate. Argggggg!

Sincerly Your Mehartie


London around and about!!!

Hi everyone I went to the London eye today. It had an amazing view from the top. You could see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and many more bits of London. It was very squishy in it but we were in the photo zone and we bought the photo. But it wasn’t very good because of the sun. Afterwards we got McDonalds and went to the palace itself. There was guards with funny hats doing a march. We couldn’t go inside because the queen was in there. But when she isn’t you can do tours of the palace. When we were finished here we went on a walk which was where a scene of Johnny English Reborn was filmed. It is also where the royal couple wave etc. Then we went to the portrait Gallery it was awesome. It had like Kings, Queens, Nobles and much more. When we got home we cooked Bangers and Mash it was delicous. So far I am loving London it is fantastic!!!

Love Flickxx

In London Natural History Museum

Hi everyone I am now in London, England and we are about to go on the London eye. Yesterday I went to the natural history museum. It was so huge. Every time you thought it was over there was another section. The dinosaur part was great they had electronic dinosaurs which moved and roared. They had lots of facts about dinosaurs and what they were like. There was also the Earth Zone which had the coolest Escalator ever it went through a large earth to get into the exhibit. We also went to an exhibit called Animals inside out. They had displays of animals and what they looked like on the inside. On some animals they were real and they had deskinned and used the flesh and bones and put on the materials to look like the inside of the animal. (The animal would already of been dead) and there was also inside of animals that had been sliced up and put into glass and layered up into the shape of the animal. They also had different internal organs like brains, intestines. guts and others of different animals. It was really gross.
Love Flickxx

Italia- Tuscany- Lake Garda and Venice!

Hi everyone I am in Venice at the moment. (Italy) I am sorry that I didn’t post in Tuscany or in Lake Garda but there was no internet. In Tuscany we visited many little villages and stayed in one too. It was called Greve in the Chianti area. We saw parades and we also went on a trek up and down a mountain. At a village called San Giminginao we had award winning ice cream. The ice cream won the gelato world champions. In Lake Garda there was an ice cream parlour every 5 steps it was very cool. We sailed across the lake to the city called Garda and walked on the boardwalk to another little city then sailed back. We stayed in the nicest hotel mainly because of the staff who in there own minds were never doing enough. In Venice it is like no other city in the world it has no words to describe it. Here they have Mask shops everywhere they are very elegant. I have bought many small masks and one full face one which has a huge feather on the top of it. Photos to follow.
Love Flickxx

At Nice

Hi everyone I am now finishing up my time in Nice madly packing. Nice is so beautiful not to hot not to cold. And there are the most lovely villages just outside Nice. Other villages we went to are Grasse, Eze, Monte Carlo, Barbon and a few others. If I were to come and live anywhere apart from Australia it would be The South of France. It is gorgeous. I love the little souviner shops and jewelry shops and the houses and the beach and farmland the list goes on and on. My dad and I went bike riding on the best track ever. Which is on the board walk next to the beach. The reason the bike track is so good is because it is all one flat track. There are o hills. Here they have a really good bike hire systems. You see a Velo Bleu bike racks with bikes on them you go and put your credit card details in the machine and you hire the bike. Then you can return it to any of the Velo Bleu stands and pay for how long you have ridden for. Tomorrow I am going with my mum in my aunties car to go to Italy while my brother and sisters are going with dad in our hire car. I am very excited.


On the train to Nice

Hi everyone I am now on the train to go to Nice. We are in first class! But to answer the replies people had I have spoken a bit of French when I went to a bakery. I ordered two baguettes and my dad thought it was so funny. My family is actually okay with jet lag we don’t get it that much except on the first day we went to bed 7pm Paris time. Which is quite early for us when we are travelling because we want to fit every thing in. It is Spring at the moment here but it is still very cold. We are going to Nice and Grasse and also Florence. But we are only staying in Nice and Paris. No one in my family speaks fluent French but we are visiting my aunt in Nice who does speak French. The metro is really cool but the MRT in Singapore is even better. It goes very fast and there is a bardicade which is glass and it opens at the same time as the train doors. In France we are only staying for 3-4 more days but we are going to Italy and London and back to Singapore after this. I havn’t had snails yet and I am not keen to anytime soon no snails for me these holidays. The train just left at 10:49 Paris time and we are on our way on our 6hour train trip.

My holiday in Europe – End of Paris

Hi guys I am in PARIS at the moment! I went to the Eiffel tower and Euro Disney it is awesome! I also went to Versallies which was a palace Marie Antoinette lived for a while. I went to other places and museums as well like the louvre, Notre Dame and the conciergerie and many more places. We have fit so much in 1 week. Tomorrow we are going on a high speed train to Nice. I am really excited. It took a long time to get here and we stopped at Singapore for 2 days on the way up. It was so humid and hot. I hope you guys had a good Easter. I went to Sacre Couer and Notre Dame we couldn’t, get in because it was so crowded (this was on Easter Sunday) When we went to the Eiffel tower it was so crowded because only one lift was working. It was also extremely cold so we were all huddled around together like penguins. It was well worth the cold and pain because the view was amazing. But it was even colder up there. Inside it was so warm and we got some nice warm food. This experience took half of the day. Paris is amazing with its historical buildings it is a beautiful city and did you know dogs are allowed inside shops and restraunts. It is so different because they have not nocked down all the lovely buildings but made them into homes on the inside for the modern day.
Love Flickxx


This blog  from every so often is going  to be about animals and the environment. The reason for this is at my school next year I get to be the environment captain. This job requires a lot of responsibility and hard work. As I must make a difference in the world. Any way  every little while I will put up a poll to ask everyone to choose an animal for me to write about. This week though we will talk a bit about the environment. 


One huge problem in our ecosystem is that we litter. The effects it could have on the environment  are  very serious. These are a few things that could happen:


  • It can block drainage systems and cause serious flooding,
  • it could be fire hazard
  • and it could kill aquatic life.


So who litters?

Some people litter on purpose others simply careless. Littering is affected by … 

  • People thinking that what they’re throwing away is not litter
  • Unwillingness to look for a bin
  • Lack of knowledge of the effects of littering
  • Presence and wording of signs referring to litter
  • Number, Placement and appearance of bin in the area.

The littering fine is at least $220!!!

So How long does litter last?

Now this is interesting a/an….

  • Orange and banana  peels would last 2-5 weeks
  • Plastic bags would last up to 1000 years
  • Glass bottles would last up to 1000000 years
  • cigarette butts would last – 1-5 years
  • Aluminum cans would last for 80-100 years

So what can you do?

  • Always dispose of rubbish correctly
  • Ask people politely to pick up their rubbish 
  • Pick up others rubbish
  • Organize a classroom recycling project
  • Talk to family and friends about ways they can reduce rubbish.
Another way to help the environment is to participate in Clean up Australia day          
I will start the animal post next time
That’s it for now 
Love Flick xx